June 30, 2005

Opinion - Anatole Kaletsky Times Online

Anatole Kaletsky of The Times argues that blair has a historic oppertunity to save the EU from itself. All he has to do so reverse the Aquis Communitaire and restore democracy and diversity to the EU, rather than continued integration, transforming it into a free trade area.

After which I guess he would solve the Isreal/Palestine conflict, find a cure for cancer, and show how to get around the Laws of Thermodynamics to create perpetual motion generator to solve the worlds energy needs. Sorry nerver going to happen, the best that we can ever hope while we are in it is for the EU to slows it's integration down. The only way to actually get to the situation she proposes is the complete destruction of the current EU and it's replacement with something else.

This is of course ignoring the simple fact that our Dear Leader hates democracy, and anything that could lead to his people experiencing more of it. While Britian may be in her words "eccentric", meaning
British-style “eccentric” countries, characterised by liberal individualism, pragmatism, grassroots democracy and disdain for authority.
as opposed to continental style "concentric" meaning
French-style “concentric” countries, respectful of order and authority, rigorously rational and politically centralised
, Blair isn't. Blair is not culturally British, from his actions whilst in government we can see he does not believe in liberal individualism, or grassroots democracy. If anything the Blair government is chariterised by a love of imposing authority of the people that it controls and destroying liberal individualism. Blair cannot promote the British culture because he is not part of it and does not like it, he much prefers politically centralised and respect of imposed authority.


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